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Can one person make a difference? The story of how Hood County Children’s Charity Fund came to be offers a resounding “Yes!”

On a cold, wintry morning in 1984, a Granbury mother noticed several children walking from the school bus to begin class, not in warm coats and scarves, but dressed as though it were a warm, sunny day. After she delivered her child to Emma Robertson Elementary School, Paula Evans drove to her job as secretary at the local Coldwell-Banker real estate office. Deeply bothered by the idea of coatless children wearing sandals, she spoke to others in the office, including Carol Grossnickle and Donna Parker. Together, they phoned friends in other offices and in the community. Joined by others in the office, they began a funding campaign that raised $1,000 in just 24 hours! Working with the school nurse, Martha Garner, they soon provided coats for the students in need.

This story does not stop here. Dedicated people in the real estate community, once made aware of the critical situation of many Granbury students, continued to raise funds for various unmet needs, including medical and dental emergencies, urgent utility bills, as well as Christmas gifts. Because there was no children’s charity, local United Way or Mission Granbury at the time, this group saw a huge need and began trying to fill it.

A few months later, the growing number of people involved realized they needed to have a larger fundraiser and involve more people in the community. Thus, in the spring of 1985, the first Hood County Children’s Charity Fund Duffer’s Delight Golf Tournament was born. Held for the first few years at the public golf course, the annual tournament moved to De Cordova Bend Golf Course where it continues today. Celebrating its 34th year in May 2019, it remains a fun-packed experience for golfers and duffers alike, and also the primary fundraising activity of the charity.

Over the years, HCCCF has developed more effective methods of meeting children’s needs. It partners with Mission Granbury to identify families in need, and holds a four-day Back-to-School Clothing event where families shop for new school clothing for their children. Another partner agency, Salvation Army Women’s Service League, provides free shoes, socks, and underwear for students. These items, along with coats, are maintained in the HCCCF Coat Closet during the school year for students in the Granbury, Tolar, and Lipan school districts.

Perhaps one of the most important additions to the HCCCF endeavors is that of the scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded to students from Granbury, Tolar, and Lipan Independent School Districts. These scholarships are awarded for trade schools. To enable a young person in his/her ability to better prepare for the future is indeed an enrichment of the entire community.

See what one person can do?

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