How We Help

Medication Needed

A campus nurse had a situation with a student who had not been taking her prescribed anti-depressant medication and was struggling with daily living. She was out of her medication and had not seen her physician to renew her medication because the family could not pay the outstanding $64 bill. The billing office was contacted. We paid the outstanding bill, and the medication was purchased.

Needed Medical Attention

A child was very sick and needed medical attention quickly. The family was not able to pay the $300 deductible for the child to be treated. We paid this deductible and the child received the care and attention that was so desperately needed.

Funeral Costs

A tragedy happened in our community, and a young child was killed in an accident. The family could not afford to pay for the funeral and costs for burial. We contributed $500 so that the child could have an appropriate burial and relieve that burden from the grieving family.

Needed Clothing

One day there were three families at the Ada Carey Center with six students who needed clothing. Often when families leave their homes, they leave with only the clothes they are wearing. We provided clothes for the children and the Salvation Army provided shoes, socks, and underwear. One child in one family needed an ointment for her eczema, and we purchased it for her.


A campus nurse informed us that a young male student had been living in his car. He had finally been able to find a place to “couch surf” (he slept on someone’s couch, not in his own house). He was in need of clothes. He was taken to Walmart, and we bought clothes for him.