We’re celebrating 35 years in Hood County!

One of the oldest charities in Hood County, we are happy to be celebrating our 35th anniversary. Thirty-five years ago, several of Hood County’s realtors noticed children waiting at their bus stop without coats on a freezing cold day. They vowed to make sure no child went without a coat. Over the years, this has grown into the charity it is today. We provide coats, clothing, scholarships, gas cards, emergency assistance, with the assistance of our partner agencies, United Way, Mission Granbury, Children’s Advocacy Center and Salvation Army. Because we have an all volunteer board, 98% of the money we raise goes directly to client services.

Our mission is to provide for the immediate economic, physical, educational and emotional needs of children in Hood County.

Back-to-School Clothing Project

In 2018, along with our partner, Mission Granbury, we were able to clothe 566 students during our Back-to-School Clothing Project. This event was at a cost of approximately $23,000 which we could not do without the continued, generous support of our local WalMart.

In addition, we supply a local closet with brand new coats for any child in need which are distributed through GISD which are referred by Counselors and Teachers. At the same location, the Salvation Army Women’s Services League provides new shoes, socks and underwear.

Emergency Family Needs

Through our relationship with Mission Granbury, we provide funds to needy families through the Emergency Assistance Network, for food, propane, electricity, rental assistance and transportation costs (in the form of gas cards).

In addition to the Back-to-School Clothing Project, we provided over $15,000 in emergency clothing for students in our school districts.


This year we will award 10 scholarships for graduating Seniors planning to attend a trade school that might not otherwise be able to. We recently had our eighth college graduate.

Hood County Children’s Charity Fund is a 501c(3) corporation.